Happiness Workshops

Are you looking for something a bit different to present to your students, or to the young people in your community? Concerned about the lack of self-esteem in your pre-teen girls, or the pressures of impending adulthood on your boys? It's time to remind your young people that they are each unique, wonderful and totally cool being exactly who they are! Have a listen to two radio interviews (links below) that Samantha has done on these workshops to get an idea of the reasons why they are important.

In this 45 - 75 minute workshop (depending on your lesson length or class size), Samantha will work with your students to cultivate happiness and learn how to keep it. 

Using academic research on the five precursors to happiness, Samantha will lead your students in reflecting on what exactly happiness is. She will guide them in learning to recognise what experiences already exist in their lives that have led to their happiness today. Together Samantha and the students will discuss what doesn't lead to happiness, particularly the pressures that young people start to experience from age 8 - 12, and they will brainstorm some ideas and strategies on how to avoid these not so happy moments.  

Student will then do a small creative writing activity, and start recording their own happy moments for their own happiness jar (the school provides this or the student brings along a glass or plastic jar for this activity).

This workshop is usually very popular with students and staff, and Samantha is more than happy for you to adopt the idea across the whole school! Samantha charges ASA rates for public appearances. Please check their website here.