Published by Storytorch Press, September 2013
(Originally published by Black Coffee Press, January 2003)
RRP $14.95
Adult/Young Adult (cross-genre) Fiction.

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Cappuccino Diva is a musical tale set in Fremantle in the late 1990s. Runner Up for the prestigious TAG Hungerford Award in 2000, it is a charming novel, suitable for young adults, and adults alike.

At 21, Angie has returned to her hometown of Fremantle after a short stint in London. Deep in its skin she resettles, and with the creative thread of the town's artists and musicians, she hopes to sew herself a new suit of confidence. Connecting the modern tale with Fremantle's local history is a piano - travelling across the suburbs and the century to meet Angie when she finally finds what it is she believes is searching for.

It's a novel about the joys of share-housing in your early twenties. It’s about love, saving a forest, starting your own rock band, and remembering that some boys are just not worth chasing.

A vivid portrait of everyone’s beloved Fremantle. A well-told story.
Don’t be fooled, that this is in any way a love story or even a light romance. Cappuccino Diva is a story of self discovery, of self belief and self absorption. As the novel unfolds, Angie grows in a manner which is both endearing and believable. This is also a book about a place - Fremantle. The port city, forever struggling to be more than a suburb of Perth, is an entity that those who have spent time there have to love. Author Samantha Tidy captures the elements of Fremantle with a precision which will make those who have lived there home sick. The houses, the cafes, the hotels and - most importantly - the people, fill the pages with the life that is Fremantle.
Comes with a literary pedigree.
Endearing, partly because of the narrative voice and partly because of loving details of the Fremantle landscape.