The Flying Dream Cover - Small.png

Published by DoCs, NSW, 2006
Written by Samantha Tidy, Illustrated by Connah Brecon.

Casey is 12, and her mum gets sick a lot. She sometimes stays at a foster parent's place, with her younger brother, when her mum is ill. At that hospital, there are people who will help Casey's mum get better but she worries, because it's not the first time. One night she has a dream, and when she wakes up, something feels a little different. It feels like things might just be okay...

A commissioned book, to assist Australian children aged 8 - 12 with parental dual diagnosis (mental illness/substance abuse), transition towards understanding and acceptance.

Read The Flying Dream online by clicking here.

Until recently, you could order this book for free from Family and Community Services, NSW. You are welcome to contact them and ask whether you may be able to still attain a copy on (02) 9377 6000 or email them directly at 

If you can't get a hardcopy that way, note they seem to pop up on eBay frequently.